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Find your


Is your work unfulfilling, even if you’re ‘important’ and ‘successful’?

Do self-critical thoughts flood your days, from the moment you wake up?

Do you feel frozen, stuck in your patterns, yet you ‘know’ there is more to life?

Is there something like a hollow pit in your chest, instead of the aliveness you once knew?

Do you miss your courage, play, joy, and truth?

Are you ready to do something about it?

I’ve been there. I was in a ‘good’ career track, yet so painfully miserable. At my rock-bottom some years ago I had a choice to make, do I stay on this planet or not. And in that moment I discovered something essential and found a way through. In fact I’m still exploring. What I’ve learned so far I’d like to share with you on your own journey.

If you’re still with me, then I invite you to consider this question:

What do you long for, and what’s in the way?

I can help you explore what’s in the way of meeting your longing, turning these obstacles into opportunities for growth. In life we move through our strategies. Sometimes they work and sometimes not. We celebrate what works and let go of what doesn’t, all in support of you acting in life from a connected, authentic sense of yourself. When we act from this place our patterns can shift, the impact of our critical thoughts change and dissolve, and we can feel and experience so much more in life than hollow, drained, and stuck. Our longings are not so far away.

You’re ready for this.

“My approach is based on personal exploration and my own inquiry into life in this moment. I use tools gleaned from experience in coaching, negotiation, management, mindfulness, and conflict resolution.” -Edward Stern


“When love is present, that which is not love comes up to be transformed, to be turned into love.” -Kåre Landfald, founder of Zen Coaching