About the three-winged dragonfly

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Dragonflies represent transformation, change, and renewal in traditions around the world. But why three wings?

Because life is perfectly imperfect. Yet we often we hold ourselves back until we’re good enough, established enough, perfect enough…

One day a dragonfly landed on my forehead. The moment was long enough for my friend Daniela to take the photo. Later when I saw the photo up close, I saw that the dragonfly only had three wings.

For all the joy of that moment, we never bothered to count its wings. The amount of wings on the dragonfly didn’t matter; the moment mattered.


The style of this three-winged dragonfly comes from artist and designer Shabnam Faraee. Shabnam’s art is colored by her exposure to Iranian traditional art and crafts and contemporary Swedish visual culture. She holds two MFAs from Konstfack in Stockholm and Art University in Tehran. 

Shabnam’s cross-cultural influence in her art has helped me see that I also have a place in this world, that I belong here no matter the mix of my own cultural heritage. Learn more about Shabnam and her work at studioshabnam.com.