“When I first met you I instantly was drawn to your calm and warm energy. I had never talked to anyone about my feelings and experiences before and I was so surprised by how easy it was to talk to you and how safe I felt to open up. I love the way you create and hold space for me to feel supported and comfortable. You have the patience to give me the time I need and at the same time you are so sensitive to feel when I need to be challenged. In a way you have helped me get my voice back, I can now allow myself to express my feelings, needs and even ask for help sometimes. Although I prefer coaching sitting in the same room, I am surprised that it has felt so good to be coached online too, I have felt supported and embraced even when I am sitting in another country.
I will forever keep in my heart your support when it felt like my world was falling apart, to me it was lifesaving, you were there being so supportive with your words and I can’t express how important it was that you met me with a hug when I needed it most, thank you, thank you, thank you!”
– Mia, Teacher